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Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for an apartment at Pride Place?
To begin your application, call (206) 347-1500. You will be connected to an agent who will make you an appointment to fill out a full rental application. Learn more about the application process here.

What kind of information is assessed on rental applications?

  • Income

  • Rental history

  • Credit history

  • Household size

  • Student status

  • Additional requirements as needed

Check out this list of what to bring to application appointments as well as the eligibility and screening criteria.


How old do you have to be to live at Pride Place?
Households must have at least one resident who is 55 years of age or older.


What AMI levels will Pride Place serve?
As of July 15, 2023, Pride Place has units at the 50% and 60% AMI levels available. To learn more about what AMI level you might classify as, please reference the AMI chart on this page.

What happened to the units available at the 30% AMI level?

We have received an abundance of interest and applications for the limited number of apartments available at the 30% AMI level. To learn about other affordable housing options in the Seattle area, including other properties with vacancies at the 30% AMI level, please contact the Community Roots leasing team by calling (206) 895-1400 or emailing


How much will rents be?
Rents will range from approximately $680 to $1150* for studios, depending on the AMI level.
Rents will range from approximately $730 to $1460* for
one-bedroom units, depending on the AMI level.


What size are the units?
Pride Place features studios and one-bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 330 to 515 square feet per unit. 


Are pets and/or service animals allowed?
Pets and service animals are welcome at Pride Place! There are no breed restrictions, however, there is a two pet per household limit.


Will there be parking available?
Because this is a transit-oriented development located in a dense neighborhood, there is no resident parking associated with this building. 


How do I figure out if my income qualifies?
Pride Place apartments have income maximums related to the number of people in the household. Unit Area Median Income (unit AMI) refers to the maximum income allowed for that apartment. For a preliminary walk-through of determining your income and what unit AMI you may qualify for, please reference the AMI chart on this page


Are utilities included in rent?

Residents will be responsible for paying electricity, heat, water, and sewer. Utility allowances for those services are credited against rent to offset the resident's expected utility expenses. Trash and recycle pick up and all common building utilities are paid by Community Roots Housing.

Is there air conditioning in apartments?

Units do not have A/C but all units have ceiling fans for evaporative cooling.  All corridors, common areas, and the ground floor GenPride center have A/C. Residents are able to install portable A/C units through a port in the operable window (no window-mounted units are allowed).  That said, the building’s high performance building envelope is expected to insulate in both winter and summer, regulating temperatures in the building and keeping units cooler than a typical building in extreme heat events.

How do you pay for the on-site laundry facilities?

Laundry machines can be operated by using a prepaid card or mobile app. Reloadable laundry cards cost $5 and the price to wash and dry is $1.75.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?
Contact the Community Roots Housing leasing team at (206) 895-1400 or email us at


*Maximum income limits and rents will be determined at time of lease signing.

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